Patrick is a published songwriter for Swedish rock and roll band The Unkool Hillbillies.  Visit their site

His music has been featured on UK TV and radio.  His highest chart placement to date is number 6 in Sweden.

His latest song is Thank God for the Irish Girl, recorded by Barry Doyle, available on all platforms including YouTube.

Song samples below.  All composed and performed by Patrick Gubbins.

The song selection constitutes a variety of styles including singer-songwriter, rock, folk rock, pop, etc.

The songs below are uncontracted and available.  Reworking is possible.

Please open the lyrics and play the corresponding YouTube video simultaneously.

Pop rock

Psycho, and you’ve got it in for me (x4)

I hear your footsteps in the darkness
I hear a laugh not far away
But whenever I turn around, you’re gone without a sound
Far beyond the light of day

I feel the power of your obsession
I try to stay under control
Tell me what can you do, with a man as sick as you
With an evil in his soul?

Shut the door and turn the key
Silence for company
Was that a noise or do my ears deceive me?
So I fall apart alone
Hand on the telephone
But I know they won’t believe me, you’re a…

Psycho and you’ve got it in for me (x4)

I know your modus operandi
I know the calling card you leave
Just imagine your delight when you hunt me down tonight
And you get revenge on me



Go Wild With Me
Light rock (singer-songwriter)
Go Wild With Me

From these wasted Dublin streets, it’s a long way home
And emotions are crowded out, innocence unknown
But then my memory lures me back to when everything was new
And then I’m in my childhood forest, lost with you

Shoot down the moon, still haunted by that smile
You and I, we go back a long time
And now I need to find that dream
But I want you there with me to make it real
Can this be done?
Are we still young?

Go wild with me
We’re just a pawn inside the grand game
Go wild with me
To distant farms that we remember
Go wild with me
Where summer days go on for ever
Go wild with me
Go wild with me
Just go wild with me

On the mountain that towers over the storm-racked plain
There our naked bodies close under the lashing rain
Under a sloe-black sky exploding in lightning, in thunder’s sound
This wilderness is ours now, for miles and miles around

We’ll live upon the land, we’ll bring the harvest home
We’ll play again the scenes of years ago
And do those waters sparkle still?
And does the sun beat on the rolling hills?
Will it be fun?
Are we still young?


Never Forget Me Again
Light rock (singer-songwriter)
Never Forget Me Again

It was spring
We took Europe by storm
And the drawing-room talkers debated this great love affair
And the story they told was of triumph, of loss and of hope
Somehow it never quite died
For I never could give a damn
For anyone but you

When I am king
You will be queen

Arranging your hair with the garlands entwined
Indulging your ardour for roses and wine
Stealing the show as you walked through that door
As a diva inspires a last curtain-call
Let me play my new song to you
Yes, I wrote it for you
Now you’ll never forget me again

Femme fatale
International girl
Like an old world enchantress, a princess, seductress and more
All the well-practised charms of a Mitteleuropa delight
Others may come and may go
But you, you are my glamour-puss
As any fool can see

On A Night in Hong Kong
Light rock (singer-songwriter)
On A Night in Hong Kong

Earlier this evening, we rode down to Kowloon
Where the neon dragons in the sky breathe fire at the oriental moon
And we walked the narrow alleyways to the echo of the halls
And on up to the headland, where the shroud of darkness falls
Now we turn and face the way we came, to the lights that wink below
Ands it strikes us both the same
I promise that our time will try you as it’s always done
That’s what you’ll get if you stay with me

I give free rein to my desires, it’s always been my way
And way back in our younger days, I won’t say that I never strayed
And though I never said a word, I know you had your fair share too
It was plain you weren’t the kind to wait for life to find its way to you
But it must be too late to turn back now, you’ve shared my bed for years
You know all there is to know
A man who lets his impulse guide him whether right or wrong
That’s what you’ll get if you stay with me

Now, the night view of Hong Kong is the picture of our past
And the lights burn like the brighter days whose memories we hope will last
But our days are full of incident, like the teeming streets below
Of a boundless fascination, and the dread of a life alone
So you serve my exile out with me, your eyes are open wide
You know the choice was free
You are my ally, you are my mistress and my friend
You made my causes yours, and I thank you once again
A real devotion all my songs could never hope to say
That’s what you’ll get if you stay with me

Every day of our lives, that’s what you’ll get if you stay with me

Rock (singer-songwriter)

There were red lights glowing in the dark of the alleys
And a siren in the air
Let me tell you, I knew when I’d reached Iwelei
There were ladies there with painted faces
And the hollowed-out eyes
They make a living supplying every carnal delight

Where’s your money, baby, where’s your money?
Keep it coming, got to keep it coming
You want it, you got it if you’re ready to pay
Where’s your money, baby, where’s your money?
Keep it coming, got to keep it coming
No shortage of wicked women willing to play

You’re the fatal attraction in the no-go zone of Iwelei
You decided to hurt me after I said we were through
And you hide out of sight, but you’re laughing at me from the shadows
But you’re caught in a trap, and, babe, I wouldn’t wish it on you
It’s a fate worse than death, and, babe, I wouldn’t wish it on you

You weren’t around in the bars or the peep-shows
But when I mentioned your name
They clammed up and they wouldn’t look me straight in the eye
Their expression made me blood run cold
Tell me, what does it mean?
What’d you do to win such a dubious fame?


Now, I know that I caused you fits of depression
When I showed you the door
You said you’d get me, and maybe, baby, this is your way
But I always used to wonder about you
Now the secret is out
You like it, don’t you?
The danger is part of the fun

Bally in the Alley
Rock and roll
Bally in the Alley

Well, I’m sending out a message on a Saturday night
That Johnny’s going to rock it at the house of blue light
And you all may be aware they depend upon his night on the tiles

For Johnny is their hero if you know what I mean
And when he’s on the dance floor they rock’n’roll dream
And our hero has a habit of monopolising the scene

He’s storming, he’s stomping, he’s rolling around down on the floor
He’s screaming, he’s kicking, he’s losing control
But then he’s loving every minute and he’s howling for more

He’s going bally in the alley, just like you want him to
He’s getting pally in the alley, just like you want him to

Well, now, Johnny’s daddy taught him everything that he knows
He said, I want to see my little Johnny put on a show
And he’d spin a 45 and say, momma, won’t you look at him go

He said, now, listen to me, Johnny, ’cause I want you to try
To promise me you’ll rock until the day that I die
And tonight he’s looking down and applauding from his seat in the sky


Chick magnet, lot of ladies love him and they want him,
they’re closing right in for the kill, he’s just a
Chick magnet, bet they’re going to get him and you know that they mean it,
they probably will, like a
Chick magnet, wow ’em and you slay ’em and you turn it on and give ’em a thrill
Ooh, hey, Johnny, we love you and we always will.

Cool Johnny, lot of…

So if you throw another quarter in the record machine
He’ll burn it up and strut it like you ain’t never seen
And you know you got to hand him the title of rocker supreme.

We're Going To Kill Someone Tonight
Light rock (humorous)
We’re Going To Kill Someone Tonight

The gangs are out, their Harleys roar, they’re going to hurt someone
A madman’s on the streets tonight, and he’s got a gun
All alone, I’ll be all alone if you leave me now
The rule of law has broken down in the neighbourhood
The pavements on these streets of shame are stained with blood
And I’m scared to death of this fear of mine
Will it never go away?

We’re going to kill someone tonight [x4]

In this lost and burning town there was always you, and you will always be
An island of unfallen grace in a raging sea
In this room you’d shelter me from the dark outside
The mob is on the prowl again, and their chant is heard from far away
Someone did them wrong, and now they’ll make him pay
Soon they’ll come, ’cause it’s me they want; you better get away


They’re going to kill someone tonight [x4]

Wedding Song
Light rock (singer-songwriter)
Wedding Song

Hearts beating fast, we wait; all our eyes are on the oaken door
Stand aside for the bridal trains as they cross the castle hall
Hark! Now the ogre choirs sing
The praises of this magic ring
Crafted by a master troll from fourteen-carat gold
Amber-gilded and set with precious stones


The ploughs are idle on the land
Your men have left the fields to watch me take your hand
Crowds have come from far and wide upon your wedding day
Just to see, just to see you in your bridal gown
The ploughs are idle on the land
Your men have left the fields to watch me take your hand
They all love their princess bride upon her wedding day
Just to see, just to see you in your bridal gown
Just to see you in your bridal gown

Night floats across the land; soon the moon will light my garden green
I will retire to its verdant bowers to await my elfin queen
The march of time will never fade
The memory of this summer’s day
A fable of our very own, an honest fairy story
A tale of wealth and fame, of glamour and of glory

When My Ship Comes In
Folk rock (singer-songwriter)
When My Ship Comes In

They sailed in the whaler’s wake
Looks like they’re ocean-bound
They left me in the grease of this Third World town
Begging in the backstreets
And dreaming on the shingle
Cradle-song of sirens playing in my head

Oh, and I’m watching where the wild waves roll
Missed out on my passage home
‘Cause I was twisting with a lady with a red dress on
Oh, just listening to the sailors roar
Wine away the night on shore
I’ll be watching the horizon when my ship comes in

Now, down on Market Row
Traders are closing down
Fending off the poor white drifters who ate nothing all day
Gambling in the parlours
And fighting over street girls
Washed up like the driftwood off the Spanish Main

There’s drums in the streets tonight
Making the rafters ring
Must be some island festival again, may they never end
I’ll lie back on the soft sand
And spend the evening watching
Scarlet-golden flares painting crescents in the sky